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Kids Aboard Academic Boatbuilding Workshops -
Building more than boats

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     The Kids Aboard  Academic Boat Building Workshop is the ultimate hands on project that instructs a group of kids from 6 -17 years old, from any culture with any language, and with every learning style. From gifted and talented to physically and mentally challenged children, this project has been instrumental in inspiring achievement from almost every child at any level.

     This is an educational workshop, where we teach math and history, science, writing and publishing, first aid and boat safety while engaging in the hands on activity of building a boat.

     A very functional boat is constructed by the kids at our workshops, but what is really being built is community, character, and esteem, while getting the kids to put down their joysticks, remote controls and computer keyboards, and learn and work together as a team.

     During the workshop the kids learn how to use tools such as hammers, electric screwdrivers, caulking guns, and paintbrushes. They also learn boat safety, safe building practices, the basic physics behind sailing boats, and attention to detail. Our boat building workshops promote camaraderie and an enthusiasm for physical, mental and social activities.

     Math, science, history, art/design, writing/publishing, water safety, first aid, etc. are much more fun and interesting, and learned with much more depth and comprehension when the core of the curriculum is a hands on project such as building a boat and using simple tools.
     The boats can be built and painted in two days, having pre-cut the parts. However, to build more than one boat, and/or to incorporate instruction in other academic areas, two weeks is the minimum and three or four weeks is optimal.
     Our workshops culminate with science and environmental projects as well as boating handling and navigation on the water. The kids practice in-the-water boat handling through friendly racing, fishing tournaments, waterway/shore-line clean-ups, etc.  using their boats that they built and outfitted. The kids come away with boosted confidence and team spirit, as well as a great boat which they can use forever with the proper care.  
     The Kids Aboard Boat Building Workshops are one of the best and most fun methods for kids to learn academics, and is a great way to introduce kids to boating and the marine industries with a rewarding project that they will remember for years to come.
Instructors' Profiles

Curtis & MaggiLu Tucker

International, bilingual teachers with professional teaching experience in Europe, South America and the United States.
Curtis is a US Certified teacher in several states, and a USCG 50 Ton Licensed Captain, with several years experience as a professional carpenter, commercial fisherman and charter captain.
In addition to teaching literature, language arts, and economics at the middle & high school level, MaggiLu has several  years of experience as a professional journalist.